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When You Feel it…

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

For the first time in around two injury-plagued months I felt it today…

That feeling you get when you’re not thinking about splits, running form, the uneven paving stones, catching the guy in front of you.

Runners call it flying, when everything’s in harmony and you’re covering ground effortlessly at a rate of knots.

Runners call it flying: when you feel it.

The setting for this was the Giffnock North annual Christmas club handicap…race numbers and everything from Coach Bernie!

The idea is you all arrive, guess what you’re going to cover the 4.8-mile loop from the club in, then set off at different times with the aim of hitting the finishing line at roughly the same juncture. So, 17:54 minutes after the first runner set off I began.

After running uphill to Eastwood Toll, on up to Clarkston Toll, down to Muirend Sainsbo’s, I turned left to be cheered on by an enthusiastic throng. Great, what being in a club is all about.

Chuffed both with time (5:52-miling) of 28:08 and, better still, with pacing (without watch) which saw me come in just four secs after my predicted time.

This followed on from a good Victoria parkrun yesterday, placing third in 17:50. Great course, and warm up/warm down runs with Neal Gibson. Most mileage I’ve done in one weekend for two months @ around 17 miles.

And, better still, no gyp from a still-swollen left achilles (perhaps it’s going to stay thick forever) and left glute not too bad either.

Feel like a corner has been turned on the running front this last week and long may it continue. Now for four months of consistent, without-injury training, which will see improvements. Bring it on!