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What Do You Buy a Runner for Christmas?

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Physio’s, again, this morning.

This time he really outdid himself, producing what looked like a cross between a bottle opener and scalpel from his back pocket. After a brief chat Jonny then scraped my left achilles tendon and the bones in the bottom of my foot with unreasonable force.

No running this week. Left achilles is still twice the thickness of the right despite nightly strengthening exercises and ice packs. Still, Jonny’s given me the all clear so come 7.15 tomorrow morning I’ll be standing at Rouken Glen park excitedly awaiting a 10k loop in the pitch black with Jason.

Anyway, when I look back on recent blog entries in months to come, I do hope I’ll pity the non-running, injury-plagued focus. And I fear if I don’t start talking about things other than ice and physio, I may test my readers’ (I may be over-egging it with the apostrophe placement there) patience.

Tangentially, what do you buy a runner for Christmas?

What do you buy a runner for Christmas. A Lacrosse ball.

Lacrosse ball, Charlie Spedding’s new autobiography, a resistance band, 26:2 Running the London Marathon; Chris Brasher biography, subscription to Runner’s World, The Cool Impossible, Great Marathon Runners, Alberto Salazar biography, Vegetarian Sport Nutrition, Daniels’ Running Formula, Brooks trail shoes, Once a Runner, The Joy of Running; Running with the Kenyans, SIS electrolyte tabs, 200mg caffeine tabs, Finding Ultra by Rich Roll; Feet in the Clouds, Vision running bib, 2x compression socks, Merino wool socks, Adidas Adizero race shorts…and a Christmas jumper. So, if you’re ever wondering what do you buy a runner for Christmas, there’s a good start.

It’s not that I’m obsessed with running it’s just that I want to learn as much as I can about it so I can improve. Anyway, I prefer the word dedicated.