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West Highland Way Race 2020: 20 Weeks to Go

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

I’ve decided to dust off the running blog.

Every week (when I get the chance) I’m going to post my progress towards my only running goal in 2020: the 95-mile West Highland Way race.

Don’t expect any frills. They’ll be short and sweet.

Here goes.



Runs: 3. Time on feet: 2h 50. Miles: 17. Sociability factor: 100%, Neal, Jason and Michael, Sheila, then 9M with Michael this morning. Pace: slow, average 9:30. Cumulative height gain: around 1,500 feet.

Strength and conditioning: 0 (give me a chance).


Pretty good. Cutting down on two-per-day coffees, minimal alcohol.


Had to curtail training for most of the week due to recurring injury one (a sore left Achilles). Recurring injury two has been ever-present on the three runs I have managed (right knee).

Luckily recurring injury three (right ankle) hasn’t troubled me.


I’m writing these posts to keep me accountable. Hopefully I’ll look back at them with wry amusement after completing the West Highland Way Race in 20 weeks’ time. Right now completing it seems a distant possibility, never mind getting a decent time.

We’ll see. Plenty of weeks to go yet.

On the plus side, I met an old running friend for a good chat on Wednesday. I bought two new pairs of trail shoes (Nike Wild Horse 5), and put together a strength and conditioning programme tailored towards my weak points.

Well done to Ricky Saez who came 12th in the Falkirk 8H Ultra today.

Tootle pip.