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West Highland Way Race 2020: 19 Weeks to Go

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Nineteen weeks to go yesterday. Will Dave be running this week or injured? As always, week begins on Monday.


42.1M, 4,150 ft ascent, 6h 28 on feet, seven runs, one doubler, one rest day (Friday).

At long last, started strength and conditioning programme this week, tailored to my weak spots. Have managed 15 minutes a day. Not rigid with the programme. Mainly bodyweight stuff. Props include small weights, v. light bar, resistance band and wobble board.

The key is not setting unrealistic targets (eg, half a hour day/must do every exercise). Little and often is working for me.


Good, lots of veg, slightly went to pot Friday night onwards as on holiday.

We are staying at the back end of Skiddaw, near Melvyn Bragg’s gaff. Hugely enjoyed a pre-Ciara of-and-on-roader on Saturday morning, cresting the nursery lops of Binsey as the sun came up.


Nothing got worse.

Tweaked the weak right ankle Tuesday night but still managed to run Wednesday morning. Foam-rollering (second after stretching in the s+c programme) is helping here, as are the ankle/glute/left Achilles/right knee strengthening exercises.

In addition, I am not underestimating the placebo effect: more confidence in injuries abating as I’m taking action.


Have been doing a lot of solo v. early morning runs in recent times. Switched to social runs this week with mates and got up v. early and worked instead.

Feels good to be doing something about the injuries rather than two steps forward three steps back.

Most enjoyable run since late November on Wednesday morning. Great to blow the cobwebs away with a bit of (relative to what I’ve been doing this past month) speed. Sad to say, I named my first segment on Strava in honour of my achievement.

Definitely beats last week’s training.

The Week Ahead

Aiming for 40 miles this week. Nothing special, just consolidating. Need a few more non-injured weeks under my belt before pushing on with longer runs.