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West Highland Way Race 2020: 18 Weeks to Go

Sunday, February 16th, 2020


I spent the first few days of the week on holiday in the foothills of Skiddaw.

More running on Tarmac than usual and a little more elevation.

I took a rest day on Wednesday.

Aside from that, a fair bit of Braes-running interspersed with Linwood parkrun, a flat trail 5k on the outskirts of Glasgow.

It was nice to blow the cobwebs away in terms of running faster.

The wind was up and the course water-logged but I don’t think it made much difference to my time.

Considering I’ve not done any speedwork for a while and am only two weeks back from my latest injury, I was pleased to come in seventh with a time of 18:46, averaging just under 6:10 pace.

I upped the mileage this week to 48, which was a tad risky, but as yet no ill effects.


Went to pot this week due to holiday with the kids and a couple of days off with Rach. Ate pretty unhealthily and drank more alcohol than usual.


The ankle was playing up in the Lakes, and the knee’s been troublesome since returning home.

My friend Neal sent me an interesting clipping from Runner’s World or some such, the gist of which was the best thing you can do to sort runner’s knee (in addition to the rehab exercises I’m already doing) is increase your cadence.

So I’ve been consciously working on that in this week’s latter half.

(This is the same Neal that ran Levengrove parkrun sub-7 yesterday and followed it straight after with an out-and-back 23-miler in a hooley.)


It was nice to run somewhere else for a change, and the Tarmac-running early in the week did me good.

The weather has been challenging; It’s made balancing harder (so my body’s been working overtime to counteract the wind) and the mental challenge of getting out in all weathers has been great.

I’m only two weeks back from injury but already thoughts are turning to upping the mileage past 10 on the weekend runs.

Need to remember that slowly slowly catchies monkey.

Also, what with the kid’s classes I’ve got out of the habit of Saturday parkruns (and was only able to do this one because Zak was playing football).

I’d like to get back to them when I can, and there are so many in Glasgow now I’m spoilt for choice.

The Week Ahead

Consolidate. Nothing special. Monitor injuries. Continue with strength and conditioning programme, which took a hit this week due to holidays. Still managed three sessions though.