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West Highland Way Race 2020: 16 Weeks to Go

Sunday, March 1st, 2020


Forty-three miles this week across four days, with three days’ rest.

Pleased with the week’s training and for not doing the 10-miler I had planned on Saturday morning, instead being sensible.

Out with mates on each of the four runs, plus doubled up on Wednesday with a 600, 400, 200-metre sesh at Giffnock kids’ track where I volunteer every week.

Ran far too fast on the 200-metre rep to “pace” (beat) the fastest 11-year-old.


Ate well during the week. Added a cornucopia of alcoholic infections on Saturday night after Window Wanderland in Strathbungo, ending up at The Titwood via The Regent. Which was fun.


The 15-mile schlop with Ricky and John on Friday was a real knee-tester, and although it didn’t pass with flying colours, there were no issues come today’s run with Michael.

Only the ankle-jarr on the tree root at mile 13 on Friday put a bit of a downer on the recurring injury situation, with the ankle still sore on Sunday.


A quick look at Strava’s training log reveals that for the past six weeks I’ve been averaging almost 40 miles a week, despite two brief injury lay-offs.

I’ve been running fairly slowly but on rough ground and with an average weekly height gain of about 3,200 feet.

My recurring injuries are a worry, granted, but with 16 weeks to go, there’s all to play for.

So much that I’ve started messing about with a WHW Race pace calculator.

Strength and conditioning seems, after a month, to have become a daily habit: six 15-minute sessions this week.

The Week Ahead

Keep at it. Rest day tomorrow then probably Braes it for the week with mates who are daft enough to go out at the same times as me.

The weather is brilliant/despicable at the moment, with the White Cart pretty close to the underside of the first bridge in the park. Washing road and trail shoes in the sink is a daily occurrence.

David Sawyer on the Braes with Michael.

Today’s early morning effort. This picture does not do the conditions justice.