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Southside Six: Two Steps Back

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Not a good day at the races today.

Beautiful, sunny, crisp autumn day for the Southside Six. Warm up fine, good crack with my mate Jason.

Southside Six: David Sawyer and Jason Steele.

Lined up at the front.

Southside Six start line in Glasgow.

Set off at breakneck speed. First mile 5:34, and managed 6:30 average pace for the hilly first seven miles. All fine until 10 when legs went, no kick at all, hanging on for last five, finishing around 12th in about 1:41.

Stuff to learn from the Soutshide Six:
Don’t get too cocky: running’s a great leveller.
Change your race strategy as you go along.
Don’t try and run the whole race on your own.
If there’s a strong group and you’re not at the races, hang on them. And don’t give an inch: two yards soon becomes 10, and before you know it…
Make sure you recover properly after a marathon.
On the plus side, it was a hilly route, my average pace was about 6:40 for the 15.3-mile course, halfie in 1:25. On the day, I couldn’t have done any better. Injury not a factor: Paramol saw to that. But NOT sharp after eight or nine days without a run.

Great race the Southside Six, great course, no chance of taking a wrong turn, distinct lack of support apart from a random posse of about 20 Giffnock North juniors cheering on George Taylor and I in the middle of a forest. Nice to see Robbie Hayman, Al Ewen and Graeme Paterson from Bella RRs well up there in the top 10. Impressive teamwork.