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The Night Before a Race

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

I love the night before a race.

The night before a race: carb-loading.

This one’s the Southside Six, 15.3 miles’ pavements and cross-country linking six parks on the south side of Glasgow. Ran it last year in 2.01, hoping to do better this year. And determined to run, not crawl, up the Rocky steps in Queens Park this time.

It’s been eight days since my last run due to a glute injury. Been working hard at it though, strength conditioning, physio appointment, massage ball and foam roller, plus two tabs of Ibuprofen every four hours for a week. Anyway, I can’t remember one big race when there wasn’t some sort of injury niggling away. Seems a bit better today. But sitting here, the night before a race, I really wish I was better prepared.

Relaxing now but only because everything’s sorted and the mental checklist is complete:

Carb-loading done (CHECK).
Look at competitor list and work out roughly where I should place (CHECK).
SealSkinz socks: never seen so much surface water around Glasgow as today (CHECK).
Paramol, Beet-It, Pro-Plus, SIS electrolyte tabs, SIS caffeine gel to take pre-race (CHECK).
Family sorted (CHECK).
Vague idea of race and pacing strategy (CHECK).
Kit sorted (CHECK).

Night before a race kit preparation.

All that remains is to get a good night’s sleep, turn up, hope that the Paramol obscures the glute pain and tough out that 1000 feet height gain while maintaining a pace I’ve never before attempted in a half-marra-plus race…what could go wrong.

Excited! Last race as a 40-year-old. Last night before a race as a 40-year-old (sob).