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And Then There Was One

Monday, December 28th, 2015

sub-2:40 goal for a marathon David Sawyer

What do you want to achieve in 2016?

What are your running goals?

Always at this time of year I start thinking about mine?

In previous years (I started running in late 2012) I’ve always set myself five or six targets.

In 2013 and 2014 I pretty much achieved them all.

This year was different.

And as I look back over the last 12 months, I’m torn between two glasses.

Half Full

  • I PBd in the London Marathon after a mixed training block, and a difficult race.
  • I placed 18th in the Liverpool Half Marathon with a PB of 1:17:41.
  • I bagged a 5M and 10M PB with 28:09 and 58:42 in the Renfrewshire 5-Miler and Tom Scott Memorial respectively.

Half Empty

This last point is worrying for any runner, but particularly a marathoner. Aside from a (in retrospect) comical tilt at trying to go sub-3 at the Berlin marathon on no training, I’ve not ran more than 13 miles for six months.

Even the Short Stuff is Dodgy

One day (Christmas, ouchie) I’m running a parkrun with my son Zak in 33 minutes, the next (Boxing Day, warmed up after a three-mile run in) I’m coming third. The peroneal tendonitis isn’t helping either. But at least that will go away.

Where Does This Leave Me? What are my 2016 Running Goals?

I’ve been back running for two months now.

It’s been hard work.

But I’m seeing signs of improvement.

In December: not too far off my PB on a 5-mile continuous hill loop session; a decent time in a mudbath cross country; and 40 seconds off my PB in the recent Giffnock North Crimbo club handicap.

And an average 40+ fairly slow miles a week during December’s Marcothon-fest (good base).

I’ve particularly been enjoying a solo pyramid track session I do weekly at Williamwood, getting into pilates, plus tweaking my core work.

Get On With It!


So, after achieving none of my 2015 running goals, I’m keeping it simple this year.


One goal.

Two marathons (London and Berlin).

One 43-year-old body.

Wish me luck.

And good luck with your goals in 2016, whatever they may be (top tip: don’t set too many).