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London Marathon Training Plan 2017

Monday, January 16th, 2017

David Sawyer London Marathon Training Plan 2017


Download the Plan as a PDF

It’s been a while.

A once-weekly blog (who could forget 6 Weeks to Go: Berlin Marathon 2014) has, these last four months, turned into a void.

My last missive was 8 September when I was engaged in an ill-conceived attempt to go sub-3 at the Berlin Marathon on no running training.

I can report that while the Sufferfest is an excellent way of getting fit, this does not translate into being able to run 26 miles, as my 1:30, 1:50 splits attest.

Then, after two weeks’ rest, and realising that body was relatively uninjured for the first time in 18 months, I got back to it. Did a few races; times coming down a tad.


Then, again, disaster (or at least the minor inconvenience of not running again for another four weeks) struck as I took a flyer coming down some vertiginous icy steps and lacerated (no exaggeration there) my left ankle.


Back to swimming it was.

Anyhoo, it’s now mid-January, and like many of you, I have a marathon planned.

Writing this, we’re 14 weeks out from London (my goal), 11 weeks away from Manchester and 18 weeks from the new kid on the block: Stirling.

I’m exactly one week into my 15-week block, thereby passing the first hurdle that I failed to clear last year (I ran back to Bridge of Weir after a race in Gourock and was out injured for three months).

Completely Inflexible

So I’ve come up with another plan. An idiosyncratic, completely inflexible, family-orientated, relatively-low-mileage schedule. Based on the fact that I’ve had more injuries than you can shake a stick at since getting my mara PB at London in 2015 with a screaming left Achilles.

Lots of short runs, carefully spaced efforts, using Pfitzinger as a guide but taking the experience I’ve gleaned from running eight marathons and fitting it with my family and work.


And for the first time in ages I’m excited about running again.

So, thanks for listening. From your perspective, I hope you can take something from this plan, hope you find it useful, and if you have any questions about anything mentioned in it, do let me know.

Drop me an email or comment on social media.


Oh, lastly, I usually write a blog post outlining my running goals for the year. Here’s 2016’s. This year I’m not going to write one. No time goals. All I want to do is enjoy my running, and get the bit back between my teeth.

Right, I’m off for a run.

Download my London Marathon 2017 Plan as a PDF