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First Running Blog Post!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Right, here goes then…my first running blog post.

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, set up a blog to ruminate about running and life in general (albeit mainly through the prism of running).

Right now I find myself sitting at 6.45pm on a train just outside Preston faced with a two-hour journey. This, combined with an injury that’s stopped me running for the past nine days (nothing which a spiky ball and a good dose of Paramol won’t sort out), means now’s as good a time as any to write my first running blog post.

First running blog post from David Sawyer.

The secret to completing the Southside Six.

I’ll use the first post on my running blog to talk a bit about myself so if you ever stumble on this blog and think why should I read this man’s world view, and why is he relevant to me, you can look at this and either read on or move on.

I’m a 40-year-old husband to lovely wife Rachel, wonderful boys Zak (five) and Jude (three). When I’m not being a family man, I’m lucky enough to work for an international PR consultancy in my home-from-home city of Glasgow (south side).

I played a lot of sport as a kid but while I loved watching athletics, I neither liked nor was much good at competing in any of the disciplines. Sport took a back seat during Uni and the few years thereafter, and by my mid-20s a sense of adventure, nurtured as a kid, sought expression first in Munroing, then winter mountaineering and latterly climbing. A 10-year outdoor odyssey, highlights of which were completing the Cuillin Ridge twice and climbing Mont Blanc, was brought to an end by a two-year house renovation project and the impending arrival of our first born.

There followed five years or relative inactivity, punctuated only by success on the Fantasy Football field, what with young children and a busy job, where do you find the time…Until a trio of unrelated events took place in early summer 2012, aged 39 years and seven months.

First my brother Ian asked me to do a marathon with him, second a sporty and equally competitive work colleague comprehensively beat me at squash, and third a friend with whom we were holidaying at Center Parcs dragged me out on a jog round Whatever Glade, and I quite liked it.

So I decided it was time to “get fit” and started wheezing my way twice round the block, self-consciously exiting the back gate and barely lasting 10 minutes.

Suffice to say, since that time, I’ve rather taken to running and, judging by friends’ comments, am proving a bit of an inspiration to those who thought their sporting days were behind them as they cross the 40 rubicon. Right now, I’m really looking forward to repeating my first big race this Sunday, which last year I undertook on my fortieth birthday. So annoyed about this glute injury though, picked up nine days ago doing a speed session with the Bellas, one day after going flat out in a 13.8m trail race (how stupid can you get).

Anyway, I digress. This is meant to be a scene-setter. To finish off, what became of my three-fold motivation? Ian and I both completed the Kielder Marathon earlier this month: I came sixth in a time of 3:00:49.

Pic of me at Kielder in my first running blog post.

Ed and I never did have that rematch, favouring table tennis as a less testosterone-inducing alternative, and Vicki still loves her running and can often be seen in the Battlefield area sporting a natty gilet.

Lastly, and to declare an interest, there’s a bit of a work motivation here as well. Having advised clients for a few years now on their blogs I thought it was about time I put my opinions where my mouth is and actually ran my own blog, writing about one of the things I’m passionate about (the main other ones being my family, and “being a PR man”).

Hope you enjoyed my first running blog post and read subsequent posts.

Over and out.