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Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Returned to running after a 17-day break on Thursday at a not-very-well-attended GN club night (I blame the weather). Six 1k reps at between 5:30 and 6:15. Left calf injury gone, still something weird going on with my left glute.

So, to the Pollok parkrun in Glasgow today.

I love parkruns, in fact I’m almost evangelical about them. I love: the community spirit; fact it’s a free race; the excitement of getting your time through via email and text on a Saturday evening; that everyone joins in, from four-year-olds to people going on 80 to dads with strollers; that parkruns take place every Saturday at 9am all over the country and the world, and wherever you’re visiting in the UK there’s always a parkrun nearby.

So, after a brief warm-up where I was certainly feeling my left achilles, I lined up next to a fast-looking youngster, my dentist and a few other chaps…seemingly five years to the day since Glasgow kicked off the parkrun revolution in Scotland.

Parkruns are great, especially the Pollok parkrun.

It was great to get back to racing again. Didn’t push it, but the strength conditioning I’ve done during my lay off compensated for the achilles and the general lack of race fitness. Good battle with George Taylor, albeit he was well down on his usual pace. Came third (somewhere between 17:41 and 18:24) so best placing for one of the Glasgow parkruns and a PB for that course.

Achilles seems ok, glute still giving me gyp but body feels better and I’m going out for a run with Jason at 6.30am tomorrow. First long-ish (12 miles) jog I’ve done for a fair few weeks so should be a good test of the body. And if I take two steps back, there’s always Jonny.

…shame to miss the West District x/c today but couldn’t get in as a late entry and, judging by the conditions, not sure if it would have done my various reluctant-to-disappear injuries much good.