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6 Weeks to Go: Berlin Marathon 2014

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

I turned a corner this week.

My training for the Berlin Marathon 2014 went completely to plan and all injuries are abating. As follows:

MONDAY: Pyramid intervals at Bella RRs; one up to five minutes then down again at between 5:33 and 5:52 pace. Tough 8M.

Berlin Marathon 2014 pyramid training helps build speed.

photo credit: liber via photopin cc

WEDNESDAY: MLR HM solo @ 6:54 including eight @ 6:40 average pace. Key session; much better than last week. 13.1M.

THURSDAY: 12 long hill repeats @ 6:40 pace, including jog down recovery with club. 8M.

SATURDAY: South Side Six full route from Giffnock North clubhouse. 7:43 pace. 18M.

SUNDAY: Masters 10k race in Pollok Park. Great running with clubmate Ted Gourley for three miles. Two worlds collided halfway through when I heard “c’mon Dave” only to see one of my neighbours out with his family on a Sunday stroll as I ran by in my racing shorts and string vest. I executed my 5:50 race plan perfectly and expected a PB. Unfortunately, I was :50 out in my calculations so smashing my PB turned into missing it by 18 seconds. Still, I was happy with 36:10 on the back of the previous day’s exertions.


So, two weeks of positive, consistent training. Just five weeks more to go, a week off, stick the Boosts on and Bob’s your Uncle.

Berlin Marathon 2014 race shoes Adidas Boosts.

Really looking forward to The Mickey Run, part two this weekend. And this time, Bernie seems to have arranged for the whole club to come and keep us company. Amazing.

Until next Sunday, happy running.