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The unconventional early retirement plan for midlife careerists who want to be happy.


"Unputdownable, Dave! A great, colloquial, immediate, not-stuffy-or-esoteric writing style. I found it a really enjoyable read by someone who is clearly both passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter: from future-proofing your career by embracing digital to what to do when you die. I can't wait to see it in print."

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Scott Guthrie

A book everyone should devour once in their lives...

"Well-written and very easy to read, this is a book everyone should devour once in their lives (I wish I'd read it ten years ago). There are no quick fixes here but if you're willing to put the time and effort in to change your life for the better, RESET's for you. Good luck with the second edit, Dave."

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Jane Cumming FCIPR

I don't normally do self-help books...

"I don't normally read self-help books but I loved this one. The format is excellent: I liked the recaps and the way you used marathoning as a crossover topic; I thought the stories and quotes about running were very well-chosen and really enhanced the content. Running as a metaphor for life...who'd have thought it."

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Neal Gibson

I read it through in one go without stopping...

"I read it through in one go without stopping. I love the section on meaning and vision: it made me rethink what life's purpose is all about and helped confirm some of the life decisions I have made along the way. You come across as informed, opinionated and with something only you can say. For me it's about digital, decluttering and financial independence (I wish I'd read this bit years ago)."

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Paul Thompson

It was like lightbulbs going on in my head...

"It was very easy to read and I got a lot out of it. I really liked the premise of the book as I understood it; a one-stop shop with links to sources for more in-depth knowledge, and all tried and tested by an "ordinary" person. I found the financial concepts very helpful: at times it was like lightbulbs going on in my head."

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Robyn Maguire

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Zude PR David Sawyer Glasgow RESET hardback version.

About the Author: David Sawyer FCIPR

David sawyer giffnock north vest competing in glen ogle on glenfinnan viaduct.

I'm a United Nations Award-winning CIPR Fellow, Social Media Examiner contributor, 2:40 marathoner, consultant, husband, friend, Dad.

But most of all I'm a 45-year-old middle-class midlifer who, over the past six years, has RESET his life. Since 2012 I've read hundreds of self-help books, and dived feet first into scores of adventures. All in search of meaning, purpose and happiness.

RESET is an unconventional, step-by-step, thoroughly researched, tried-and-tested early retirement plan for anyone who can't remember the last time they felt free. Follow this passionate self-help book's actionable advice and I guarantee you'll get happier – and richer – slowly.

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