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​​​​RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money

The unconventional early retirement plan for midlife careerists who want to be happy.

A complete program...

"A comprehensive introduction to things you didn't learn in school but should have. RESET is a complete program with enough motivation and details to make it easy to begin without being too complicated. You'll feel like doing one or two things right now."

Author, Early Retirement Extreme

Jacob Lund Fisker Early Retirement Extreme

Jacob Lund Fisker, PhD

Change comes from within...

"Reading this book will guide you in the pursuit of change but it will not make change occur. You have to do that."

LA Olympics medallist, London Marathon winner and author of From Last to First

Charlie Spedding

A guidebook for life...

"RESET is a guidebook for life. Whatever age or stage you’re at you’ll find it a helping hand towards well-being, positive mental health and financial independence."

Partner and chief engagement officer, Ketchum

Stephen Waddington Ketchum

Stephen Waddington

A tempting prescription...

"Tempted to throw in the towel and run away? Tempted by the greener grass on the other side? Well…be tempted no more…this book will actually let you “reset”. It’s a fun, compelling and, dare I say, tempting prescription to a different approach to life, work and play."

National clinical director, healthcare quality & improvement, Scottish Government

Jason Leitch Scottish Government RESET

Professor Jason Leitch

Approve of Sawyer's doctrine. It makes good sense...

"Sawyer’s RESET shows us how to achieve material wealth. It emphasizes discipline, sacrifice, and hard work."

Co-author of The Millionaire Next Door and Richer Than A Millionaire ~ A Pathway To True Prosperity

William D. Danko Millionaire Next Door RESET David Sawyer

William D. Danko, PhD

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Zude PR David Sawyer Glasgow RESET hardback version.

About the Author: David Sawyer FCIPR

David sawyer giffnock north vest competing in glen ogle on glenfinnan viaduct.

I'm a United Nations Award-winning CIPR Fellow, Social Media Examiner contributor, 2:40 marathoner, consultant, husband, friend, dad.

But most of all I'm a 47-year-old middle-class midlifer who, over the past six years, has reset his life. Since 2012 I've read hundreds of self-help books, and dived feet first into scores of adventures. All in search of meaning, purpose and happiness.

RESET is an unconventional, step-by-step, thoroughly researched, tried-and-tested early retirement plan for anyone who can't remember the last time they felt free. Follow this passionate self-help book's actionable advice and I guarantee you'll get happier – and richer – slowly.

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