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You've read the bestselling UK financial freedom book, now meet the author. Ask him anything. In confidence. If you're a midlifer who needs a kickstart to restart your life and work (plus get F. U. Money), book now. 

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A complete program...

"A comprehensive introduction to things you didn't learn in school but should have. RESET is a complete program with enough motivation and details to make it easy to begin without being too complicated. You'll feel like doing one or two things right now."

Author, Early Retirement Extreme

Jacob Lund Fisker Early Retirement Extreme

Jacob Lund Fisker, PhD

Change comes from within...

"Reading this book will guide you in the pursuit of change but it will not make change occur. You have to do that."

LA Olympics medallist, London Marathon winner and author of From Last to First

Charlie Spedding

A guidebook for life...

"RESET is a guidebook for life. Whatever age or stage you’re at you’ll find it a helping hand towards well-being, positive mental health and financial independence."

UK managing director, Metia

Stephen Waddington Ketchum

Stephen Waddington

A tempting prescription...

"Tempted to throw in the towel and run away? Tempted by the greener grass on the other side? Well…be tempted no more…this book will actually let you “reset”. It’s a fun, compelling and, dare I say, tempting prescription to a different approach to life, health, work and play."

National clinical director, healthcare quality & improvement, Scottish Government

Jason Leitch Scottish Government RESET

Professor Jason Leitch

Approve of Sawyer's doctrine. It makes good sense...

"Sawyer’s RESET shows us how to achieve material wealth. It emphasizes discipline, sacrifice, and hard work."

Co-author of The Millionaire Next Door and Richer Than A Millionaire ~ A Pathway To True Prosperity

William D. Danko Millionaire Next Door RESET David Sawyer

William D. Danko, PhD

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Zude PR David Sawyer Glasgow RESET hardback version.

About the Author: David Sawyer FCIPR

David sawyer giffnock north vest competing in glen ogle on glenfinnan viaduct.

I'm a United Nations Award-winning CIPR Fellow, Social Media Examiner contributor, 2:40 marathoner, 24-years consultant/trusted confidant, business owner, husband, friend, dad. 

But most of all I'm a 48-year-old midlife professional who, in the course of  six years, reset his life. Since 2012 I've read hundreds of self-help books, and dived feet first into scores of adventures. All in search of meaning, purpose and happiness.

RESET is an unconventional, step-by-step, rigorously researched, tried-and-tested early retirement plan for anyone who can't remember the last time they felt free. Follow this passionate five-star-rated self-help book's actionable advice and I guarantee you'll get happier – and richer – slowly. 1-2-1 RESET coaching will supercharge that process.

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I am not a guru. If that's what you're looking for, look elsewhere. What's on offer here is a 60-minute consultation with the author of RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money. This is about you and your life, not me. I'm there to ask questions, listen and provide suggestions.


It will cost you £83.33 (£100 inc. VAT). Plus you'll get a £9.99 RRP paperback copy of RESET, too, as part of the package; and I'll even sign and message it for you if we meet in person.


Ideally, the consultation will take place in Glasgow's south side, or the Grand Central Hotel at Central Station (Covid restrictions permitting). If you can't make Glasgow, we could always do it via Zoom/Teams or the good old telephone (the default option as of January 2021, for obvious reasons).


The coaching session will work best if you've read the book and are familiar with the concepts outlined in RESET. The Kindle version is just £2.95 so that would be a good investment of time and money prior to meeting.

Although the topics covered in RESET form a coherent programme, they are wide-ranging. We could not possibly do them all justice in one hour-long consultation. So have an idea of what you want to get out of the session before we meet. Give it some thought. Arrive armed with a list. That way you will derive best value from the 60 minutes.


Why am I offering this service? Reading books and blogs is near the top of my list when it comes to improving one's lot in life. But it only gets you so far. I have lost count of the amount of people who want to meet for coffee to ask questions about my book and how the programme could be applied to their lives. Often, they've pored over RESET and embarked on their own life reshuffle, ready for the second half of adulthood. However, they're not sure if they've interpreted what I'm saying correctly or just need reassurance that they're heading along the right path.

At first, it was family and friends, people I knew and could offer rounded guidance. Now I'm getting a few messages a day from RESET-readers, which is truly amazing, but I can't glean enough about them in snatched email and LinkedIn conversations to make constructive observations, so the chat often doesn't progress to the meaningful. Hence the offer of 1-2-1 coaching sessions.


RESET is a manual. It is easy-to-read and follow, but some people get lost in the investing section. This coaching session is your opportunity to ask me about the bits you've highlighted/underlined wherever they are in the book, thinking "what does he mean by this and how could I use it in my life?" You can ask me anything.

Here's a brief lowdown on the topics covered in RESET, on which I can give you guidance based on my experience and a six-year learning journey culminating in a book that took 10 months of 50-hour weeks to write and publish:

  1. Finding your purpose, values, vision, happiness and meaning.
  2. Decluttering: physical, mental and digital.
  3. Future-proofing your career by grasping the opportunities provided by increased broadband speeds.
  4. Making it in communications (PR, SEO, digital marketing and personal branding).
  5. Mapping a path to financial independence (you can call it early retirement if you like).
  6. How to work out what "stash" you need to retire on.
  7. Personal finance: including efficiency/frugality, budgeting and, crucially, investing.
  8. How to get modestly rich painstakingly slowly.
  9. Core principles to live your life by.
  10. Setting up and running your own business/going freelance.
  11. Writing, self-publishing  and marketing a book in 2021.
  12. Running and endurance.

Disclaimer: I am neither a financial adviser nor an Olympic athlete. I offer guidance not advice.


If you're interested in this service, click one of the red buttons above, fill in the Google (enquiry) Form and press "SUBMIT". We then move to email (BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER), arrange a suitable time, I drop you an invoice and you transfer the £100. Only at that point are you committed. Next, we meet/Skype. If the consultation goes well and you think you'll get value out of a follow-up session in say a month's time, that would be optimal. But sometimes, one meeting is enough to take the abstract learning from the book and boot it into real-life action on your part:O).


If you require further incentive, check out the book blurb at the start of the print version of the Look Inside feature on Amazon, google "David Sawyer RESET" and read the blogs and news articles, browse my LinkedIn profile, listen to me on podcasts like ChooseFI or check out the 202 RESET customer reviews on Amazon UK (75 per cent of which are 5 star).

P.S. By giving me your email address and name (the popup after you click on one of these red buttons above) you will subscribe to my FREE email newsletter. If you do not wish to do that, or you have already signed up, just forget about the red buttons and email me direct on If you do want to give my FREE email newsletter a try, you won't regret it; and you can always unsubscribe at any time.

P.P.S. Many thanks to Jacob, Charlie, Stephen, Jason and Bill, who read advance review copies of RESET and liked it enough to provide these kind words about my book. Oh, did I mention there's an audiobook version of RESET available now, too (narrated by me).

P.P.P.S. These sessions are confidential. What is said goes no further. Here's a testimonial from one satisfied customer, who's asked to remain anonymous. "My 1-2-1 RESET Coaching helped me to focus on my core goals and "stress test" many of the thoughts that had been circulating in my head but not crystallised. Dave was able to cover many of his book's core concepts and how they applied to my set of circumstances. He was able to identify areas of improvement in my thinking and practical solutions. I left the meeting with lots of additional reading to take my learning forward and a warm feeling that it was money and time well spent."

And another: "Inspired by Dave's book RESET , I looked forward to my 1-2-1 coaching with him. With the book as a starting point – particularly section 2 – we focussed on strategic direction for my young PR business. I appreciated a wide-ranging, non-jargony chat – kind of what you expect from Dave's good-humoured style of writing – and came away with a long list of what-to-do-nexts. It's great talking to someone who really gets where I am so it felt like I was getting more than an hour's downloaded wisdom."

And Sally from Glasgow: "I asked Dave to help me consider a possible pension transfer. Dave was full of knowledge and helpful suggestions on how to apply this knowledge to my specific circumstances. He helped me clarify the issues and gave lots of good links for further prep and research. I feel confident in his approach and am grateful for the huge amount of work he’s done to make himself an independent expert in FIRE. And even more grateful he’s making his expertise available to others!"

And Matt from near Edinburgh: "I met Dave in Glasgow at a local restaurant, it was relaxed and somewhat quiet (Covid problems I suppose). We chewed the fat for 10 minutes or so then added a bit of structure to our chat. Dave was really easy to talk to and although I thought I had my ducks in a row it was nice and reassuring to hear from the man himself. He's warm, engaging and very well-informed. I left feeling good and confident in the road ahead. Easily recommended and would love to catch up again sometime."