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PR David Sawyer has a network of contacts he trusts to deliver.

Not just David Sawyer

Buy Zude PR buy David Sawyer. But sometimes you’ll want more than David Sawyer.

I’ve been a PR consultant in Scotland now for more than 20 years.

Since 1997 I’ve worked with some talented people who get results: marketing firms; technical SEO’s; analytics pro’s; risk management consultants; creative designers; programmers; developers; Press photographers; printers; PR firms large and small; specialist media trainers…the list is endless.

When it comes to PR and digital marketing I can do a lot. But sometimes I’ll need to bring in a specialist. For example, when I’m producing client websites I bring in a graphic designer and developer. It takes years to become a brilliant designer and coding is best left to the experts.

These are people I like, and trust to deliver for clients.

I have a network of contacts in Scotland and across the UK delivering complementary services to Zude PR. I only work with people I rate. No job too big (or small, within reason) for Zude PR.

Brands I like

One of the most important things to remember about PR and marketing is that you can tell a lot about a person/brand/organisation by the company they keep.

My newly-established startup PR firm is all about delivering results for clients through integrity, and based on a relationship of mutual trust.

I admire these brands for their honesty, consistency, the way they speak to me. But most of all, like Zude PR, they deliver…they do what they say on the tin. I know, because I use them, like them and they make my life easier.

They’re not all perfect, but who is?

If you want to join this exclusive list, just email me. Happy to include, if I like the way you do business.

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