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A Zude is Born

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Glasgow Small Business PR

Simple premise really. Everyone’s busy. Work is all encompassing, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

What if you could turn to a Glasgow public relations company specialising in small business PR and digital marketing.

One with integrity, one you could trust, one with a track record of getting results.

One with a big brand and public sector pedigree but attuned to the PR and digital marketing needs of Glasgow small businesses. After all, I am one.

Glasgow PR firm Zude PR helps Glasgow small businesses. This is it logo.

Zude PR is me, David Sawyer, an award-winning Glasgow-based PR man with a 17-year track record of helping clients achieve their objectives.

Clients like Energy Saving Trust, The Glenmorangie Company, T Mobile, Scottish Enterprise, Transport Scotland. Clients of all shapes and sizes, public and private sector, and right across the UK.

So, from today, Friday 4 April 2014, I’m open for business. Whether you’re the head of an SME, the marketing director of a large company/public sector organisation, a chief executive who needs strategic counsel on all things media or someone who’s been lumbered with getting some PR for your company and doesn’t know where to start

Take a look round the site to get a flavour of what Zude PR is all about. And if you have any questions (including what the heck’s with the “Zude” name) call me or email me and let’s meet up for a coffee.

And feel free to check out the PR/running a small business blog. I’m aiming to post one every two weeks (work/life permitting).

And finally, and they say you should never do this on a website but here goes: “Welcome to Zude PR”. I truly mean that.

Wish me luck!


Update: January 2016. If you are interested in how I’m getting on, please subscribe to my email list. I read about all the latest developments in SEO, PR, content and social media marketing every day. For between one and two hours. I am also very interested on productivity and how to successfully run a business. Every week I share the four best pieces of content I have written in a newsletter, which I send to a growing¬†band of Zude PR Posts subscribers. I also share my blog posts as soon as they are published, plus a monthly reading list. I never try and sell you things. How about it?

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